Computer Network and Systems Engineer

We are seeking an experienced network and system engineer who can work closely with company employees to deliver solutions,that would to include plan,implement,verify and troubleshoot local network.
Some tasks:
  Carry out the management and analysis of logs of firewall, routers and load
balancing devices.
 Undertake the security initialization of customers’ website server systems, and
regularly carry out security maintenance and examination. 
  Designed small and medium-sized company networks on the basis of customers’requirements.
 Be responsible for the monitoring, daily management and hardware
troubleshooting of the network system. Ensure the normal operation of LAN
network equipment and software. Maintain network connectivity.
 Maintained the system, handled abnormal conditions of the system, and provided support in 7 * 24H business continuity.
 Be responsible for the planning and deployment of LAN and WAN, and carried
out routine maintenance and monitoring.
 Be familiar with the deployment and version upgrade of anti-virus software, virus database upgrade, and virus monitoring.
 Analyzed existing network systems and gave advice about improvements to
infrastructure, technology, operational capacity, reliability and performance.
 Be responsible for the setup, optimization and daily maintenance of operating
systems, for example, system deployment and setup, system monitoring, system upgrade, system security, performance optimization, database management, etc.